As said earlier we hold you along the way get you through the legal aspect before you sign on the dotted lines. We will ensure you understand all legal requirements you are bind to through the deal. Further on we have experts such as lawyers, marketers, advisers among others who come in as mentors.

Through these group of professionals, all your needs are taken care of whether you need distributors or markers for your products we got you covered. We are also capable of getting you skilled labour for your company or engineers to help you fine-tune your prototypes for the market. Our vast network in the business community will get you set up in the shortest time possible. For more information concerning any services, please reach out to our support staff. Contact numbers are available on our website.

Research/Development Center

While providing people with a platform to sell their ideas and get the funds we also saw the need to come up with a research lab which also doubles up as the development centre. Under the centre innovators and like-minded people have access to various resources they can use to fine-tune their working models after signing a deal. At the centre, we have trainers and assistants who will advise you along the way on various aspect of your work. Similarly, we also bring in outside experts who come in to provide their advice.

Furthermore, for startups one challenge they all encounter is getting working space. Although your business is small, it’s growing slowly, and like Martin, the garage will become small. So at Martidom, we decided to build a dedicated working space for all those who lack space and have signed deals. Apart from the mentioned, there are various other resources at their disposal.